More than a location; it's a happening.

Nifty's will be an interactive mash up of AR, IRL events, immersive experiences, shopping, and gallery spaces. In a place where you can see, touch, feel, taste and EXPERIENCE it, the venue will be a platform to help people bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 as well as an incubation hub to showcase, promote, and support today’s hottest new talent. For those not able to attend, we will livestream important happenings to all our holders.


Our portfolio of artists ranges from emerging to established and iconic. Each work, whether NFT or physical, is showcased exclusively in our space.


Using a blend of visuals, sound, technology, and other stimuli, our immersive environment will feature NFT collections, live performances and talent across art, fashion, film, and music.


Be the first to discover and experience highly anticipated new collections, products, talent, and entertainment at our IRL events. The Pass’ NFT provides entry to our year-round calendar of sensorial experiences, premium networking, activations, physical installations, live performances, speaker events and much more.


Producing 365 days of experiences, Nifty's will be both a launchpad and incubation hub to showcase, promote and support emerging talent. Passholders will get a first-hand look at what is NEW and what is NEXT.


Nifty’s mods will help onboard those looking to make the leap from Web2 to Web3. This includes assistance with getting their first wallet, gifting them their first NFT, and educational resources including expert panels giving advice.