NFA™ has amassed a physical art collection valued at over 1.2BN that will be married to our NFT collections by some of the world legends including blue chip brands, projects, artists, and creators.

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Crypto Homies

Interactive 3D digital collectible NFT series based on the 25+ year legacy series Homies®.
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Conart x Slash

NFT Rocks collaboration commemorating Slash's first album "it's 5 o'clock somewhere"

Ralph Sampson x All Stars

Changing the game for good and honoring the hoops heritage of legendary Hall of Famers


Established in 1989, Conart is the first clothing brand to use raw designs by top graffiti and hip-hop artists

Crypto Gosho

The first DIY 3D interactive community designed generative project based on the celebrated vinyl toy line

Crypto Gosho

The first DIY 3D interactive community designed generative project based on the celebrated vinyl toy line

Marvin Rinnig

Legendary photographer's Los Angeles "Sunset Strip" collection of classic concert moments from the 70's & 80's

Matthew Belter

Sought after concert photographer known for his VIP point of view iconic images from the 90's on


The collection by famed muralist Pablo Azar aka Sr. Toony, who uses art as a tool and instrument for good.

Master Artists

The physical painting is sold with the NFT's created by contemporary artists reinterpreting these classic works

Pop Art

Renowned neo-pop cult artist (Andy Warhol's "protégé") contributes a collection of 2500 of culture's most polarizing and inspiring people, objects, and brands both past and present


80+ paintings depicting the world's greatest superheroes and include, in some instanses, the original painting signed by Stan Lee and offered with the NFT


This collection comes with a companion 3D anaglyph NFT and 3D glasses to be viewed with a physical painting


art too bad to be ignored
The world's only museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition, and celebration of bad art in all it's forms

Mexican Heritage

NFT's, digitized from NEVER BEFORE UNVEILED photograph's and physical artifacts from Mexico's most important events during the 20th and 21st centuries


NEVER BEFORE UNVEILED digitally remastered photograph's and physical artifacts including glass plates photo negatives from Hollywood's Golden Age of film

Vital Toys

From the company that created some of the world's most collectible toys, partnership with Silverfox will launch with a coveted Black Adam statue

Kikwear x Doze Green

Born in 1991 this iconic underground streetwear line made it's mark with the company icon named Chucky, designed by famous NY graffiti artist Doze Green

Crypto Poop

In honor of the one thing that ties us all together, we will be dumping a collection of 3D NFT collectibles that are going to be the s**t

Temper Dolls

Photographer Cody Wayne's collection of unique dolls that celebrate alternative beauty and body images for and of women