Collect. Experience. Connect.



The NFA™ Membership Pass is your ticket to all NFA™ produced NFT collections which include iconic IP, legendary talent and co-created community projects.  Membership grants passholders 4 free mints from these collections, access to whitelist and exclusive invites to premium IRL events and VIP networking at our new immersive gallery space, Nifty’s.


Passholders will get special access to exclusive NFA collection drops, special merch, IRL events, and year-round VIP access to The Compound. Includes:

Mastermind Networking Events
Keynote Speakers & Panels
VIP Happy Hours & Intimate Membership Pass Holder Meet-ups
Epic Reveals & Surprise Appearances
Interactive & Immersive Experiences
Live Performances by Headliners
NFT/Crypto Giveaways & Raffles
Physical Giveaways including Merch & Paintings
Never-before-seen Masterworks Viewing Parties
NFT Auction (e.g. Steve Kaufman’s Superhero Collection, includes original painting as utility)
Pre-sale access and private invite to collect before public sale.
Airdrop of 4 NFTs over 16 weeks.

The Pass will give holders access and benefits for two years from date of mint.


All NFA™ Membership Passholders will get access to our venue, marrying the physical and digital utility of the Pass. 

4 free mints from NFA’s NFT collections will be allocated over a 16-week period which will include pieces from Temper Dolls, Crypto Gosho, NFT Rocks and an additional special surprise.

Pre-sale access to future collections and invite to our private Discord. Early access to all collections launched through our platform plus other collaborations created exclusively for NFA members

Year-round access to our new immersive space, Nifty’s where IRL and Metaverse events include Member Meetups, auctions of never-before-seen work and gallery openings. Also includes discounts on special merch and submission for our NFT & physical art giveaways.

Exclusive invites to Member-Only IRL events including our VIP Mastermind Networking Series and headlining performances with option for involvement via live stream for those not able to attend.


NFA stands for Non-Fungible-Art. We’ve been building non-stop for over a year now and have established collaborations, infrastructure, and our unique physical location.

We believe in a decentralized future and are building a global MEGACOMMUNITY to drive impact for creators, utility for collectors and collaboration across blockchain.  The NFA™ Membership Pass is yet another step of our journey and we invite you to join! 


Is a place where you will be able to see, touch, feel, taste and EXPERIENCE it, Nifty’s is community focused. 

The space will be a platform to incubate the next generation of creators, showcase the most established ones and help usher passholders from Web2 to Web3. 


A pass grants you access throughout the year to our physical venue, Nifty’s, and automatically makes you a part of the NFA community. Included are 4 free mints from the NFA collection (over a 16-week period), invite to our private Discord, 4 holder-only IRL events, discounts on merch, whitelist allocation and invite to collect before public sale on collections launched there.

See whitelist instructions for pre-sale by following instructions provided on our Twitter (@NFA_Inc).

The pass is valid from the date of mint through December 31, 2024.

For those not able to attend, we will livestream important happenings to all our holders.

Not initially but we will communicate through our website, Twitter, and email.

Yes. The Pass can be resold on NFT secondary marketplaces such as Opensea and Rarible. 

Pass will be minted on ERC-721 compliant contracts deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. This is the “gold standard” and the most widely supported format for digital collectibles.