Collect. Experience. Connect.



The NFA™ Membership Pass is the ticket for our holders. The heart of the Pass is all about connecting communities in our new, NFT-centric venue in Las Vegas. 

Our holders from across the globe will get to meet IRL and experience new art and NFT projects, enjoy immersive environments, unique merch, AND interact virtually at our most premium networking series, “MasterMinds”. 


There are 3 tiers to the membership: Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each tier has its own unique benefits and utility which includes:


NFA™ stands for Non-Fungible-Art.  We work with iconic IP and legendary talent across sports, collectibles, music and culture to produce NFT collections that bridge the gap between digital, physical and IRL experiences. 

We’ve been building our physical venue non-stop for over a year now.  We have established hundreds of collaborations with collection founders through our Partner Project Program and together have created a global MEGACOMMUNITY.

We hope you will join us! 


Is a place where you will be able to see, touch, feel, taste and EXPERIENCE it, we will feature immersive entertainment, live stage and streaming performances, retail, food, launch parties, pop-up shows and concerts. 

Our rotating gallery of NFT’s and physical art will feature some of the most famous collections of our time while supporting and incubating the next generation of creators. 


Membership Pass FAQ

A pass grants you access throughout the year to our physical venue, Nifty’s Compound, and automatically ushers you into the NFA community. Depending on your level of membership, you will be able to claim a number of free NFTs and PFPs from both NFA’s collection and by celebrated artist Pablo Azar.  

If you are not already on our premint list Join our Discord and open a ticket.  

Diamond Pass is good for 4 years Post Mint.  Platinum Pass is good for 3 years Post Mint.  Gold Pass is good for 2 years Post Mint. 

For those not able to attend, we will livestream important happenings to all our holders.  Our most intimate and premium networking series will be held on Zoom so holders from around the globe can engage and interact with the Web3 thought-leaders who will be hosting.  

Our main communication hub is Discord.  Our best alpha, most exclusive benefits and latest news is all dropped there. 

Yes. The Pass can be resold on NFT secondary marketplaces such as Opensea and Rarible. 

Pass will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain. In part, our launch date was planned around ETH merge to ensure Proof of Stake was a success.  Our company is committed to having a zero carbon footprint.  

The NFA VIP Mastermind Networking Series is an exclusive program made for growth-minded entrepreneurs.  The goal is to help our Diamond members, learn from world class leaders, create meaningful and upleveled networks, cultivate memorable experiences, and discover their brightest path as individuals.  Because of the global nature of the attendees the thought-leaders headlining the session, it will be on Zoom and allow Diamond level holders to:

  • Expand inner circle and build relationships with bright likeminded individuals.
  • Learn skills and mythology from top leaders in Marketing, Branding, e-Commerce, Real Estate, Business Strategy, Mindset and of course Web3. (Speakers and session leader to be announced)
  • Experience increased access to premium deal flow and partnership opportunities.
  • Leverage your developing network to grow personally and professionally.

All Zoom sessions will be recorded and sent to each member to keep for life. Exclusive only to Diamond holders.

Our toy production platform is in in development on Snoop Dogg’s Board Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) 13” collectible toy, Dr. Bombay which will be dropping in Q1 2023.  All holders will get early access to purchase this highly anticipated collectible figure.

This is our much-anticipated drop based on the iconic Homies®, created by David Gonzalez, which over the past decades have made their way from comics and vending machine to cult status.  Now the Crypto Homies® will make their digital debut in 2023 in the form of our Genesis Collection on the blockchain barrio and as a pass holder you will get early access to mint the collection.  For more information about all the unique value this collection brings, visit and join our Discord – or follow @CryptoHomies_.

At NFA we are focused on Artists and collecting. NFA is a launchpad for many collections and brands, and as a holder you will have  guaranteed whitelist to purchase future NFA drops before others. Some of the collection will come from Iconic brands and artists and some from upcoming artists we believe in long term and want to support. It’s a chance to collect, early on, creators right on becoming famous.  You can find more information on some of our collections here:

Our Token Gated NFA Marketplace will give holders regional, national and global access to all sorts of special discounts and utilities including free offers and special partnerships.

After the mint we will do a raffle for 10 holders from each tier for a weekend stay in Las Vegas (includes hotel room, resort free, and taxes). 

Pablo Azar aka Sr. Toony and his creative director Ana Grajales are the dynamic duo behind the celebrated art of TOONYMANIA. A dedicated following of millions of “Toonymaniacs” have popped up around the world. NFA is excited to bring this art directly to you. More info at @azarpablo of @toonymania

Each holder will be given either a Harley Quinn, Batman Knight or Joker “Arkham Asylum” NFT version of the physical statue.

Mint FAQ

Our mint party will be hosted by Brando from ATS. Click HERE for the official link.
The exact mint link will be posted on mint day to protect the community. In addition to a MINT button on our official site at there will be links posted in our Discord and on our  Linktree which you can find on Twitter (@NFA_Inc). 

Again, please do not use ANY OTHER links then those through these official channels. 

Diamond Pass: 1.23 ETH (2 mints max per wallet)
Platinum Pass: 0.48 ETH (5 mints max per wallet)
Gold Pass: 0.13 ETH (10 mints max per wallet)

You need to connect your wallet and make sure you are on ETH Mainnet. 

These links are on our Discord and page. 

When you mint, it can take several minutes for your NFT to show up on OpenSea due to OpenSea not being updated in real time. 

Reveal will be instant.  The Membership Pass is a NFT and broken into three separate collections based on which tier you purchase.

In addition to Wenmint offering support and troubleshooting in our Discord we will have a full NFA team monitoring our Twitter, Discord and responding to tickets and emails at